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Kathy Etchingham

Yes María I agree with your assessment of the outfits being distracting with their "loud bursts of pattern and color." I wouldn't be seen dead in those ghastly clothes and never wore anything like them.
Please don't believe that Ridley's film is anything like the reality of the times.
He has presented a dull, gloomy tale incorporating fictitious domestic violence,fictitious characters, fictitious breakdowns and drug overdoses, and a basically fictitious storyline.
The "Jimi" character is played as a mumbling indecisive moron which is the very opposite of the real Jimi's character. He was bright, amusing, and was at his most inventive and creative during his time in London.
Ridley claims he knows the history and philosophy behind the man.
He doesn't.
He did not speak to any of Jimi's London friends and the movie is insulting and offensive.

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