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Soooo beautiful and breath-taking.....Thank you for sharing this....I played some Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters for a good seasoned feel ;)


Nice choices, Ana

If I added music to the clip, I'd use Turner Layton and Henry Creamer's "After You've Gone." The first recorded version by Marion Harris (1918), the early jazz version by Jelly Roll Morton or Louie Armstrong, or the recent arrangement by Fiona Apple.


I don't think that's USC. I think that's UCLA (aka University of California, Southern Branch)-- before the move to Westwood (1930, I think.)

It's hilarious to see how short the palm trees are at the end!


ANON: UCLA Campus, which is now LACC? Yes, that may be the correct location.

One Tweet mentioned the heavy coats people are wearing. Not hard to picture someone from Michigan-based Ford taking a late winter trip to L.A.


Truly wonderful to see this special time in LA's history so carefully documented! The shots of so-called "California Bungalows" look more like those fabulous Craftsman homes in Hancock Park to me. But I just love seeing the baby palm trees, not more than a few years old. Such a contrast with how they look today-- 20 feet tall and bent from age. Thanks for sharing!!


Carley: I was thinking it may be West Adams, but you are right, the bungalows location may be Hancock Park.

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