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Rick Robinson

The public was robbed of the opportunity to respond to the mural. Deitch (as the MOCA frontman) decided what was "best" for all of us - including the veterans and their relatives. Is it not possible some of the folks Deitch was trying to "protect" would have actually agreed with and supported Blu's work? Now we'll never know...and that's what's wrong here.

Earnie  Simms

"..Deitch also said he had intended to meet with the artist before the mural went up, but was unable to due to travel complications on Blu's end and the fact that Deitch had to leave town to attend a Miami art fair."

So he never saw the piece that was to go up because he never met the artist? Has Deitch heard of "jpegs" and the "internet"? I'm sure he spends some of the day looking at art on the internet...but not pieces he commissions for a huge wall at MOCA?? Very foolish behavior, if actually true, from a man that's just beginning to build his MOCA performance record.

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