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Oh, no :(


Oh no is right. Im so sorry. Ive really enjoyed reading your posts. I hope youll be staying downtown.

Dave Bullock

Im really bummed to hear this man. You will be missed.


Offer still stands Fuentes ...You can use the Gallery for an office keep me posted.

Benjamin Pezzillo

Great photograph, Ed.

Apart from being saddened to hear you are going, I hope you take your remaining time for yourself.

More importantly, wherever you go, I hope you continue to participate in the Downtown online community.


ed -
I'm really sorry to hear about this. We've never gotten the chance to talk, but come by if you want next week, would love to do some more work together. you will be missed here on Traction.


The pleasure was all ours. Please keep in touch. Good luck!


can you blog from where you're going?

LA Snark

No! First LA Frog and now the Loft?

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