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Doña Junta

I wonder about the MTA one because it happens to be in a hot ass lite up spot in front of the metro link kinda weird since MTA is also a big transportation in LA ono but thats ironic

John Smith

Idiotic comment by mr.Gonzales.Dude,u r nothing special,just another moron trying 2 put us down.And respect 2 MTA!!

Anon Amous

I'm not one for breaking the law but what i see there is pure art and would just leave it. The Motor Transit Authority could use it as one of there logos or something. But just because I'm suggesting that we leave it doesn't mean the people responsible should get off because it's still illegal. The people responsible should still get prosecuted. And also from what I heard is almost a half a million to two and a half million to clean up, that's money that California don't have at this time.




wow, they are removing this? theres much more in the river then this piece! why now talk about this? spend your millions on the homeless problem in down town LA not the graffiti....


btw. they do not deploy hazerdous waste crews. They just wrote that to beef up the article. They just clean it,sometimes power wash,sometimes just paint over it. They clean the river all the time! just not in down town LA.



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