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That's some proper recognition! Congrats!

David A

The show on KNBC was great -- I wish they had more local programming like that... and it's how i got turned on to your cool blog...


I saw this video. Congratulations... Very direct and to the point.


What a great show. Very nice Ed.

Jason Burns

As soon as you appeared on screen, I turned to my girlfriend and exclaimed, "Hey, that's Ed Fuentes!" I then had to explain that we've never met, but that I've been reading your blog for over a year now. Sure enough, I raised my own geek status.

Good work. Keep it up!


Thanks everyone. I have to credit Don Garza who encouraged me to run his through his turf and find stories about those one skid row.

Many photos are not posted or blogged in trying to keep people's privacy, but important in getting to know the area and treat it, as much as possible, like a community.

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