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militant angeleno

BTW, James Loney and Nomar will also be riding on the float as well. The Militant likes this; it's as if the Dodger season begins on Jan 1!

Dennis Smith

Even better than a Rose Parade float, the Dodgers announced they will play an exhibition game against the World Champion Boston Red Sox next March 29 at the LOS ANGELES MEMORIAL COLISEUM! For baseball fans in this town, a definitive chronological dividing line exists between those old enough to remember a game played in the Coliseum and those, like me, to young to have witnessed Wally Moon launching a "Moon Shot" over the 40 ft. screen erected to serve as the left field wall 250 ft. from home plate. Considered a "travesty of the noble game" and derided as "O'Malley's Chinese Theater", it still is a layout I have always wished to have seen in play at least once so this game will truly be a gift for folks like me.

With all the heavyweights like Vin Scully on hand today to make the announcement, my favorite comment was passed on by a member of the Coliseum Commission who quipped "We always figured the Dodgers would beat the NFL in the race to return to the Coliseum".

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