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Don Garza

that 3dbn looks a lot like 3rd battalion.

Hopefully we can make that 2nd battalion one day

Rico A

I actually think it's 1st battalion. I can't get that outside.in site to register me as a Downtown blogger. They're registering me as a Los Angeles blogger and I can't change it. Wha-ev!

As far as why we're obsessing over it, you can learn a lot about a person based on what they think of the new 'gina in town.

Don Garza


In Los Angeles it is ok to have meatballs with your 'gina


but you can have sausage with your 'gina anywhere.


sadly, some people will never get the wonders of 'gina. frankly it's their loss.

i'm up for 'gina anytime after sunday night...and tuesday is bad too...but any other night next week let's eat some 'gina!

Militant Angeleno

The Militant pictures all those DTLA bloggers on Central Ave, faces pressed against the window, chanting, "Open Open Open!"

The Militant actually finds all this fascination with the 'Gina interesting, fascinating, bizarre, silly and cute all at the same time.

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