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Dennis Smith

For nearly ten years these 1984 Olympics era murals went unscathed, seemingly protected by the old school ethos of "con safos" until the early 1990's. One of the last of the murals to go up was "Buckle Up" and it was one of the first to be vandalized as part of the "F@#k tha police!" zeitgeist that was prevalent at the the time. The solution was to paint over the bottom 10 feet of the wall thus obscuring the colossus sized motorcycle boots astride the cityscape but leaving the mural's basic message for drivers to heed.

One generation of "L.A. Freeway Kids" wipes out the nostalgic ruminations of a previous generation of "L.A. Freeway Kids" .


This mural, of course, is not one of my favorites because of the heavy presence that is suppose to scare you into buckling up. In a way, however, it represents LAPD style of the time. The LAPD that brought you SWAT, The Hammer, and Metro division, at some point must have approved this mural.

Re: Baca
Judith Baca observed the same thing; that tagging has grown in the last several years, despite her outreach as a professor, and muralist at UCLA and SPARC.

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