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Good post Ed. Maybe they should do two fundraisers, one for those with the money that want to help out, and one for the neighborhood and people that want to contribute what little they do have. When was the last time Los Lobos played in ELA proper anyways?


A 2nd concert with LL would be improbable since there was already a tight schedule, so maybe someone will consider some sort of 2nd community fundraiser that can still allow further contribution.

Every little bit would help, and maybe expand to all of the Eastside.

Then again, the Eastside telethon hosted by El Chavo on public access 36 is a programming idea.


Can we start a bloger@s for Garfield benefit? Ha. I'm sure we could pool our many talents together. I would've definitely preferred a concert in East LA. It's closer and I know I wouldn't have to deal with paying for parking at CityWalk. Plus, I really don't like the Gibson Amphitheater.


Good idea, CindyLu. I can check and see if Bank of America still takes contributions into an account.

In the case of CityWalk, I plan to go via the Red Line

Dennis Smith


Los Lobos performed a show at the East Los Angeles College Ingalls Auditorium as a benefit for the ELAC Foundation back in February 2004.


A 2nd "community" fundraiser was held last Saturday in ELA.!!!
The Garfield Alumni class of 1966 held a local fundraiser (blessed by the school) at Sanctuary Studios (home and business of Lil Ray, 'member?, you 'member)for the auditorium. Local schools danced folklorico, videos of past renuions, food, drinks and of course Lil Ray and his band. So some alumni and friends of the school are taking matters into their own hands and doing what needs to be done on a community level!


If there is another fundraiser, let us know. Bloggers will get the word out.

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