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I have been downtown delivering food to homeless people, and I saw this group of activist in orange shirts filming these cops. The cops weren't doing anything but arresting some drug dealers that were selling crack out of a tent. The officers didn't beat the guy or anything, and the dealer was being an jack ass.

The Cops ended up letting the guy go because I guess he ran out of crack. This group started cursing the cops and asking for their badge numbers.

Then they kept asking the drug dealer if he wanted to sue the cops that in my opinion had every right to take that crack dealer to jail.

I felt bad that I didn't speak up for those officers, but the way that group was carrying on, I was kind of afraid to.

I don't agree with some things I have seen in the media like those cops that let the art walkers drink in public. But then again, I have seen cops walk past homeless guys with beers too. What I saw that day from this group disgusted me. I don't see why any cop would want to work in an area like this. It madness.

I've been feeding downtown for a few years and I never saw cops beating up homeless people.

I've seen cops say smart ass things, but they seem to be reacting to what's given to them.

One week I was passing out lunch bags to some homeless folks on Winston street and saw this homeless man laying unconscious in the street. The group in orange shirts were out doing a survey or something. Each one of them passed by this man and didn't even call an ambulance for him.

But I did see the cops get out of their car and at least shake the man to see if he was alive, and make him stand up so he wouldn't get run over or trampled on.

IF the man selling knives is from this group, it would not suprise me at all.

downtown truth

LA CAN's leaders are poverty pimps, plain and simple.


Anyhow, I observed an incident whereby wine-drinking gallery-goers were allowed to imbibe on the street. One of them was being given a haircut by some guy professing to be a street hair stylist. Standing there on my olde home ground—5th Street near Spring, when what is now an at gallery usta be an SRO where my first apprentice once lived, long before the lofties moved in—I watched while the LAPD harassed some poor olde drunken bastard. Not twelve feet away, the scissors never missed a clip, and the wine was never hidden from the cops' sight. needless to state, but I will: the homeless guy was hauled off and the wine-sipping art-walkers went back inside to get another one for the road.
Mind you, this was in December of 2006. I would imagine LACAN would be interested in this early recorded incident.


Downtown girl

Why does LA CAN allow men and women to sit out in front of their offices and drink beer and wine all day? Isn't this the same group that was upset about Art Walk visitors drinking tiny glasses of $2 buck Chuck? Who do they help? If they can sit and drink all day, they can work all day in my opinion.

Bert Green

Gallery goers are NOT allowed to drink on the street. There was always more crack smoking and paper bag drinking on these streets than there ever was gallery visitors drinking, until recently. LACAN entrapped people on a videotape, and spread lies about it, now everyone believes it to be true? The police who were "ignoring" the drinking on the LA CAN tape were there to warn the galleries that drinking would not be tolerated outdoors.

The galleries do not permit their visitors to leave the galleries with drinks, under an agreement made with the police department that encourages the police to cite those drinking in public. If anyone does manage to get outside with a drink without being stopped, they should be cited. If only the police were more diligent about the other people downtown who imbibe on the street like the people who drink all day long outside of LA CAN.

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