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awesome. thanks for the inclusion. i'll have to buy you a drink at the next blogger meet-up at little tokyo showgirls.

LA City Nerd

I hope the ink doesn't fade over the next 63 years when someone tries to take the copula off again. They'll be in for a treat to see these things called "blogs" listed inside and wonder how the people actually got their news from that archeiac thing called the internet. (Either then, or when the earthquake comes.)

Don Garza

Thnaks ED , but it wasn't a few minutes it was over an hour before you guys posted on blogdowntown. Sorry , but for some reason we were slow on the draw today. But our trusty ED Fuentes was there today.

Thanks for not forgetting me in the cupola. Haven't been feeling well lately. Plus the Town Crier doesn't have a bell right now.




that's too cool...and so are you. thank you!!!


celia: We better hurry on that drink.

LACityNerd: I was remissed in not having you included. The same happened to BGFA, although he notes he is on "blogging probation"

Don without a bell is like a day without banquette

Shannon, my pleasure.

Rico A

AH!! I just noticed this! Thanks so much, Ed!!

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