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Militant Angeleno

LOL, "The Eastside" is west of East L.A.
Therefore "The Eastside" is short for "The Eastside of white L.A."

Atwater Village Newbie

There might be more to this than race, Militant Angeleno. Parts of the "westside" are east of West LA. West Hollywood is northeast of West LA.


"Race" is just part of it.

There will always be two camps on this. Those with generations of families living on the Eastside, and those who uprooted to move here looking for a suitable identity to write home about.

From what I've seen and heard so far, off and online, the extension of the Eastside out to Echo Park always comes from those from the Westside, or from those transplanted from beyond Arizona, or those wanting to market the region into a handy cultural I.D.

Those who covered all of Los Angeles for more than ten years hardly ever consider Eastside anything west of Downtown. That means people of any race and influence.

Frankly, I like the territory debate. It tells me that the East Coast POV that there is a lack of L.A. provincial pride isn't true, and out here in LA they huddle together to silently nod in agreement that the new Eastside is bound to be adopted because of economic influence.

If that sort of voice spoke decades ago, we would less areas reinvented with each wave of developers.

Michael Imlay

I'm a SoCal native, originally from the SGV (aka, "the other valley"). Growing up, we always labeled any part of L.A. immediately across the river from downtown as East L.A. The Westside was anything beyond Hollywood, including Beverly Hills and Brentwood, which of course, aren't even part of L.A. When did everything get so complicated?


East LA is roughly Atlantic Blvd. to the East > Olympic Blvd. to the South >Brooklyn (Cesar Chavez) to the North and > Lorena to the West. Boyle Heights is Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights is Lincoln Heights, etc.
Many people mistakenly label their cities as ELA. They are forgiven.
P.S. Only Garfield High School lies inside of ELA, Rosievelt is Boyle Heights, Wilson is El Sereno, Lincoln is Lincoln Heights, yada, yada, yada.


The people at New Angeles magazine truly have their head up their arses. They claim there is a "new eastside" west of downtown! Unbelieveable. Why do they choose to ignore the evident fact that everything east of Main Street in Downtown is the eastside. No geographical area west of Main Street should include the word “eastside.”

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