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Benjamin Barbas

I don't think the Lincoln Heights TV show is typical at all. Usually when a family actually has some values, it means it's going to be a hokie sitcom.


The crappy LH tv show seems to use a mix of imagery for the place they are trying to represent: they do have some shots of local LH places but they also use Chicano Park in SD as background. They really should have picked a different name for the show, because LH, with a mostly Mexican and Asian population, is quite non-existent to this show. They really could have done something interesting but they chose that boring black-white dichotomy that is almost meaningless now in LA.

Benjamin Barbas

It sounds like you wanted them to pick a show that only residents of Lincoln Heights would enjoy. I'm from the east coast, and while this might not be a perfect representation of the actual Lincoln Heights, I believe this show deals with a lot of what we see in our neighborhoods all over the country.


EC: Something interesting could have been done. Since we are so close to it, it seems generic.

Ben: From what I understand, there is another Lincoln Heights in Ohio that's been an African-American neighborhood since the 1920s, but doesn't seem to fit the urban themes set in the show. Not that we want a show that is entertaining for Lincoln Heights, since it's not quite a Chamber of Commerce POV. Thanks for writing in. Nice to know this blog is reaching outside of LA.

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