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awww, this brings back memories. i used to frequent the atomic cafe. i'd usually hit it before or after hitting the underground clubs downtown. can't say i've ever been to senor fish. how is it?


It gets good reviews. Tends to be up and down. More up. I give it 8 and a half tacos out of 10.


I'd go to the Atomic Cafe after punk shows at the Olympic Auditorium. They had the best jukebox!

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I am thinking of buying a couple of fish, and I need different names so I can look them up online and see if they are cool enough for me. I want a red fish, a blue fish with black stripes.The fish must be freshwater, not need alot of care (Like a goldfish) and not be expensive.They can't be something that will die easily or something that is aggressive and eats other fish.

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