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Whitman Lam

In times when federal and local government has forsaken the poor and underpriveleged. When families, communities, and a historical American subculture are scattered and displaced. Football goes on, football puts the nation at ease that all is well in the "Big Easy" and the hardships that brought many of us to tears is on the road to forgotten-ness.

Whitman Lam

Oh, and by the way, the New Orleans Saints returning will probably be heavily emphasized by George W. Bush during the upcoming elections as a success story and a true testament to his administration's swift recovery efforts. But we all saw that one coming.

The New Orleans Hornets, on the other hand, are demanding to stay in OK city permanently.


Yes, we all saw that coming. The spin is like Katrina.

And after seeing last nights game, the crowd's love for a team, you can cross them off the future LA team list. No way will they let the Saints ever leave now.

(And for the record, I picked the Saints in my football pool)

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